By Yvonne Chamberlain 


A way of thinking, a belief structure, mental programming, perspective, an attitude, an imagination, fixed belief, an ideology, doctrine, a perception, a brick wall of limitation, the story that we tell ourselves…… It’s a feeling of certainty about what something means – good or bad.

Beliefs or mindset are the foundations upon which we build our lives. Limiting beliefs can paralyze us, thus preventing us taking action or put a limit on our level of potential. Positive beliefs can give us the power to take positive action.


The challenge is that mindsets are developed from a perspective of past events or an interpretation of what people have said to us. We may not even remember the event or the words, but we remember the feeling these left with us. Sometimes we don’t even remember how we developed a mindset and aren’t aware that the mindset can continue to influence us in the now. These limiting beliefs stifle our creative ability and can reduce us to all the common fears that haunt us. These beliefs can create a wall around our potential and we no longer even know that there is another way to live. These limiting beliefs snuff the life out of us and we simply become gofers….. ‘go’ to work ‘fer’ de pay! The first step in eradicating these old disempowering beliefs is to identify that we have them. Then we can choose: Has this belief served me well up until now, do I want to keep this belief, or would it be wise to identify a more powerful mindset that can release me into a whole new direction for my life?


mindset - fear

What stops us from moving forward? Fear. If you’re an achiever you probably call it stress. Stress is fear. We all experience fear in some context during our lives: In fact, it’s hard-wired in all human beings – nothing we do in our lifetime will take fear away.


This view of past experiences can influence your mindset around what is possible for you to achieve in the future. The comfort zone where we live is safe but frustrating at the same time. But until we believe that things can be different for us, the fear of change, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being alone, or fear of the unknown, or fear of love, or fear of death, or what if it doesn’t work fear stops us from taking a peek at possibility. For things to change you have to change your old mindset of limitations and deal with fear. Ask yourself: what am I going to miss out on by not doing what I fear?


It is critical that you create a compelling future in your mind first of how you want things to be. This is your life and you are responsible for you. Ask yourself: How do I really want to live? Find someone who is living the way you want to live and realize… possible in the world, possible for me. What have they done to create the life they are living and what do I have to do to make it happen for me? Does this life fit with my values? Then create this picture as a visualization. Hold it there in detail and really “see” it, then create the feeling of living this life. Feel what it would feel like to be living a life where you were making a difference, a life where you were living to your full potential, a life where you are totally healthy. What does it feel like to live a life of love and joy and to appreciate each moment of the day?


new mindset

After you have clearly pictured yourself in this new lifestyle, make a list of reasons why it is essential that you achieve your dream. Write down all the benefits to you and the people that you love. Affirm that you are not a victim and will no longer be controlled by your environment. The past has been a learning but now you are moving into your amazing future. Sure things may be difficult as you begin the process of change and growth, but you now understand that you choose your beliefs and you now are growing into them.


You have started on a journey of becoming a life-long learner so be sure your associations will support you and get mentors to guide you. Learn from the best and you can create the beliefs that will require you to succeed. Construct conviction and self-belief by accumulating little triumphs. You will have challenges but see them as a gift – an opportunity to grow and learn and become more. Albert Einstein said, “Crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because crisis brings on progress…He who blames his own failures and difficulties to crisis, rapes his own talent and gives more importance to problems than to solutions.”


To be successful we must all learn to control our emotions — particularly the ones you feel constantly because they are the most powerful driving force of your life. We will all have disappointments, that is natural, but to dwell on them can let the air out of your dream balloon. When you start each day, rather than the old mindset of disappointment, frustration, and victim mentality of anger and fear, fuel your new mindset, spirit and emotions with love, gratitude and appreciation and have a really great day.



Yvonne is an author, life coach and cancer survivor. Thirty-two years ago, doctors gave Yvonne 6 weeks to live after diagnosing her with black melanoma. This mother of 3 little kids did not give up and she was able to fully recover using natural methods. Do you want to know what her secret weapon was? You can find it in her book “Why Me? Kicking Cancer and Other Life Changing Stuff”