How To Optimize Your Brain Naturally

By Project Wellness Now

Have you ever forgotten a word or someone’s name that you should know? It happens to all of us. It indicates a problem if it becomes frequent. Magnesium is extremely important for many aspects of your health, BUT the right kind is crucial for brain health.

The older we get, the more rust we accumulate in the form of free radicals. This oxidative damage affects your memory. Beta amyloid plaques can form, and these are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Children with inability to focus quickly get diagnosed as ADHD don’t they? Then they are heavily medicated. Magnesium matters.

Magnesium functions in biochemical pathways that support a healthy memory, mood and attention span…

Magnesium does MUCH more…


Magnesium deficiency may be the most common nutritional problem in the industrialized world today, yet it is the single MOST IMPORTANT MINERAL for maintaining electrical balance and metabolism in our cells.
It is responsible for over 350 life-providing reactions in our body.

…From immune response, metabolizing fats, carbs, amino acids, nervous & muscular support, proper cardiac & brain function, blood sugar, blood pressure, energy & protein synthesis, the formation of strong bones & teeth… cellular health….And the list go’s on and on… and on.

…Yet, nearly every one of us is chronically deficient, some of us – severely.

 “i-MCH” — The Most Absorbable Magnesium Your Body Can Use

Most forms of magnesium irritate your stomach, or cause diarrhea. Some cheaper forms do not even penetrate your bloodstream, or brain.

MCH, or a specific form of magnesium chloride, referred to as “hexahydrate” – is magnesium chloride hexahydrate, or “MCH” for short.

A friend and colleague of ours – named Ian Clark, made discovery about 7 years ago — of an actual MCH solution to deficiency, called “i-MCH” (or intelligent-MCH) — which leverages natural “implosion & imprint technology” to prep the MCH for maximum absorption and assimilation — dramatically increasing use-ability.

Not only does it not stress our systems — and not only is it 100% compatible with the human operating system… but it’s the most absorbable, natural form of magnesium your body can get. In fact, it maintains the exact same composition as the water that fills over 70% of your body!