5 Ways to Make Exercise A Blast With Your Kids

By Kevin Jones

Parents often have trouble setting aside time to exercise when the kids are around. There always seems to be a million things clamoring for your attention and working out usually gets relegated to the back burner.

However, news that cases of childhood obesity are on the rise should inspire you to action. Other than making sure your kids eat a healthy diet, encouraging them to exercise is a sure way to curb obesity while boosting their overall health and wellness.

As always, children take their cues from their parents so it’s up to you to come up with creative exercise routines. Here are 5 awesome ideas you can adopt:


walking a dog


1. Head outdoors.

We live in an increasingly digital world where children spend too much time glued to their various screens which could be detrimental to their development. So make it a point to get your kids outdoors as often as possible for some sun, fresh air and exercise. Going for bike rides, taking them to the local skating rink, organizing a weekend hike or even just walking the family dog are all activities your kids would enjoy.



exercise with kids


2. Battle it out.

Alternatively, you could stage a battle where you and your kids go up against each other with Nerf guns, water balloons or squirt guns. Divide your brood into teams and let out your inner warrior. You’ll be so busy ducking, dodging and trying to hit your opponent that you won’t notice how much exercise you’re getting. This is also an excellent way to de-stress after a long week.



outside exercise kids


3. Make it challenging but fun.

Challenging your kids is a good way to help them expand their skills. Setting up an obstacle course in your backyard, taking them indoor rock climbing or spending a day at a ropes course are all excellent ways for your children to work their entire bodies while stimulating their minds.



dancing kids


4. Throw a dance party.

When it comes to fun workouts, nothing beats a dance party. So turn down the lights, turn up the music and transform your living room into a disco. Do this after dinner and the kids are sure to expend so much energy getting their groove on that they’ll get a good night’s sleep.



exercise with kids


5. Take a class together.

Nowadays there are gyms that offer programs to help you work out together with your kids. You can also sign up for Zumba or yoga classes that cater to children of varying ages. This way, all of you can get a healthy sweat going and stay in shape.

Exercising to together with your children is a great way to teach them to associate working out with having fun. It also lays the foundation for an active, healthy lifestyle from an early age.



Kevin Jones is a health and fitness blogger and a regular contributor to a number of fitness websites. He writes for NordicTrack. During his free time, he likes to be very active and spend time with his wife and two children shredding the slopes of Park City, Utah or chasing down the Salt Lake City Korean food trucks. Connect with him online; LinkedInTwitter