meditationMeditation – Its Essence – Physical and Mental Benefits

You’ve probably heard about meditation – and perhaps also about some of its many physical, mental and emotional benefits, such as: relaxation, stress relief, better sleep, improved powers of concentration…

Surprising Health Benefits Of Marine Phytoplankton 

Oceans are virtually teeming with life, above and beyond the fish. There are marine plants near the coastal areas — kelp, for example — as well as coral reefs that serve as rich ecosystems for all sorts of coral, fish…

HIIT – Is It Possible To Overdo It?

Fitness trends come and go almost as fast as diet trends (remember shake weights?). That’s why we perk up and notice when one seems to stick around and gain traction with lots of people. What we’re talking about, of course, is the ever-popular…

Practicing Self-Care Through Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, summer is known as Pitta season. Those people whose primary constitution is Pitta will be the ones who will most strongly experience the effects of the season, resulting in feeling sluggish and tired in the heat of the summer. Regardless of…


happy clown 10 Tips To Stay Optimistic

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology has concluded that there are many significant associations between increasing levels of optimism and…

throat chakraThroat Chakra: What You Need To Know

Your Throat Chakra is the center of communication. When it is balanced, you can express yourself freely and are not afraid to share your inner truths with others.

Chocolate, Chocolate! (Infographic)

Cocoa is packed with nutrients, and moderate, regular consumption of high-quality chocolate (like our favorite Sacred Chocolate brand) provides the body with a great…

lotus mudraBenefits of Lotus Mudra

In Sanscrit, Mudra means “closure” or “seal”. Mudras, also called yoga for the fingers, are specific hand positions that influence the energy follow in the body. They also help the expansion of consciousness.


Suprising Benefits of Wearing Comfort Shoes

Back in the heyday of the healthy shoe movement, A.K.A. the 1960s, healthy shoes were in style. The flatter the better, the earthier the better… the uglier the better! We’re referring to those flat, wide, suede-soled…

vegan cheeseA Definitive Guide To Vegan Cheese

If you’ve tried vegan cheese before and found yourself running back to the dairy aisle for some of the real stuff, you might want to read this. Things are changing. For new vegans just pulling up to the table, this is also for you. Vegan cheese isn’t what…

There IS A 100% Toxin Free Way To Dye Your Hair

Much to their collective horror, women are learning about the dangers of toxins in their beauty supplies. Thanks to organizations like the Environmental Working Group(EWG) with their cosmetics database…

yoga matsWhat They’re Doing With Yoga Mats These Days

Yoga is an ancient practice. Therefore, you wouldn’t think there’d be much in the way of innovation within this discipline. After all, it’s a series of poses and mental/spiritual states. There’s not a lot you can do after 26 centuries of …


The Best Vegan Pizza Ever

You need to try this one! By popular vote, it has been proclaimed “The Best Vegan Pizza Ever!” Our promise: You won’t be disappointed!

Chocolate Covered Pineapple Rings

This recipe will satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings! It tastes better than candy and is definitely more healthy. It’s sweet, it’s chewy and 100% raw!

Raw, Living Flax Crackers

You can whip this raw, vegan dessert in just a few minutes! All you need is a few simple organic ingredients and a high speed blender…

Raw, Vegan, Coconut, Goji Berry Pudding

You have to try this  raw, vegan dessert! Not only that it looks pretty, it’s delicious, too. It’s probably one of our favorite recipes…






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