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Abraham Hicks Meditation For Physical Wellbeing

21 Jul 2016

Anti-Wrinkle Avocado Rose Oil

15 Jul 2016

High quality anti wrinkle eye beauty products are quite expensive. Here is one that you can do yourself at a fraction of a cost and be sure that no questionable ingredients have been added to it.

Don't Spit Out Those Seeds!

11 Jul 2016

Don't spit out those seeds! Grape seeds, the tiny little seeds that are found inside of grapes, are packed full of a special oil that offers a myriad of health benefits. Though most snackers opt for the easier seedless varieties, or simply discard the grape seeds, research is showing that by not consuming the seeds we may be missing out on vital nutrients.

Chocolate Coconut Tropical Smoothie

07 Jul 2016

Smoothies are a delicious way to deliver all the essential nutrients to your body. They are an excellent source of easily absorbable vitamins and minerals. Use your own favorite fruits, superfoods or nuts and seeds. Possibilities are endless!

Is Eating Dirt A Good Idea?

04 Jul 2016

An entirely natural substance is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and Europe as a valuable resource for detoxifying the body from some the countless toxins that people come into contact with each and every day. It is known as Bentonite Clay. Clay has been employed throughout the world for centuries in locations such as Australia and Central Africa, where it is valued for its detoxifying capacities.

Heal Your Soul

28 Jun 2016

At the Soul of Healing Summit, we’ll merge the best of science, medicine and spirituality to help you create radical self-healing, and harness this innate power for deep and lasting health. You’ll learn from some of the top healers, scientists and experts around the world, who will share their wisdom and experience so you can find a deeply-integrated approach for personal healing.

Eat Your Spinach!

24 Jun 2016

Spinach is one of the most popular green leafy vegetables cultivated all over the world. It is believed that spinach originated in Persia. By the 12th century, it was consumed all over Europe. It belongs to the goosefoot family which also includes beets and chard.

DIY Carrot Oil

21 Jun 2016

An herbal oil, also called an infused or macerated oil, is created by maceration (soaking) of medicinal plant material in a vegetable oil that, over a period of time, absorbs the fat-soluble substances of the plant. This herbal oil will take 4 to 6 weeks to mature in a cool, dark spot.

Inner Body Awakening

19 Jun 2016

There is an ‘Inner Body’ an energy etheric blueprint that the physical cells are being directed by when healing or replacing cells. Cancer is an obvious time when the ‘blueprint’ is no longer instructing the cells when to stop growing and they are replicating out of order.

Mangosteen - The Queen Of All Fruits

16 Jun 2016

Legend has it that Victoria, the Queen of Britain, promised knighthood to anyone who would bring this “royal” fruit to her. Unfortunately, perishable mangosteen fruits could not survive the long journey from Southeast Asia where its medicinal value has been recognized for a very long time.

Pitta Balancing Veggies - Infographic

12 Jun 2016

In Ayurveda, summer is known as Pitta season. Those people whose primary constitution is Pitta will be the ones who will most strongly experience the effects of the season, resulting in feeling sluggish and tired in the heat of the summer. Regardless of your primary constitution, we all are feeling the effects of Pitta.

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