Your Skin Care Super-Hero: The Myriad Benefits Of Aloe Vera

By Project Wellness Now


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The Skin: Our Largest Organ

Did you know that the skin is our largest organ? It’s true! And because it’s our largest organ, it’s vitally important to keep it healthy. Read on for some excellent tips on how to do this — and in particular on the power of the aloe vera plant to keep your skin radiantly healthy and beautiful.

As you know, the skin is what separates the internal environment within our physical body — the muscles, bones, organs, etc. — from the external environment outside of our physical body. Though we tend to think of it as a single thing, the skin is actually composed of seven distinct layers: five within the “epidermis” (the outermost layer) and two within the “dermis” (the inner layer). The “hypodermis” is the layer of connective tissue, beneath the dermis, that attaches these seven layers of skin to the underlying bones and muscles, and supplies them with blood vessels and nerves.

Working together, these seven layers of skin function as a semi-permeable boundary — which means that they let in what is nourishing, and keep out what is potentially dangerous to the body. So obviously the skin is really important — and worth taking good care of.


A Healthy Diet To Nourish The Skin From The Inside-Out

One of the most basic ways to support healthy skin is to have a relatively clean diet. Here’s how:

* First of all, make sure your diet includes an abundance of fresh, organic (and preferably locally-grown) vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

* If your diet also includes dairy products, fish and meat, it’s particularly important to select organic, grass-fed, wild-caught varieties of these, whenever possible.

* Healthy oils are a must — not only for the health of your skin, but also for the health of your nervous system and pretty much every cell in your body. Good choices include coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, almond oil, butter and ghee.

* Drink plenty of high-quality water — i.e. either filtered or springwater — throughout the day.

* And finally, do your best to reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, pharmaceuticals and recreational drugs. Instead, get “high” on a cup of yerba mate or a handful of raw cacao nibs, relax with a sixteen-ounce glass of fresh celery juice, and drink lots of fresh-filtered water!


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Aloe Vera: Symbol & Support For Beauty, Health and Vitality

For nourishing and protecting your skin directly – from both the inside-out and the outside-in — Aloe Vera gel is your best friend and superhero, all rolled into one! So let’s learn a bit more about this hugely beneficial plant ….

The strikingly unique and exotic beauty of the Aloe Vera plant makes it very popular as an ornamental house plant. Perhaps you have one (or more) in your home right now? If so, you probably already know that it is a succulent – with thick, broad leaves that are designed specifically to retain water.

The Aloe Vera plant also grows wild in tropical climates around the world, and is ideally suited to survive – and thrive! – in very harsh conditions. As we’ll see, some of what makes it possible for the Aloe to survive in challenging conditions is exactly what makes it so beneficial when applied to human skin.

Along with growing wild and being cherished as a house plant, Aloe Vera is commonly harvested for agricultural and medicinal purposes. For literally thousands of years, this plant has been revered for its healing qualities – to such a degree that people invest considerable time and energy in growing and harvesting the plant. In fact, it’s one of the most widely used medicinal plant on the planet.


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Aloe Vera Gel In Skin Lotions & Burn Ointments

Today, Aloe Vera is a very common ingredient in skin lotions, as well as in ointments designed to relieve minor burns (including sunburn). It’s also possible to apply the gel of an Aloe Vera leaf directly – simply by slicing the leaf open and applying the inner gel directly to the burn.

But supporting the healing of burns is just one of many benefits that the Aloe Vera plant offers. Let’s take a closer look at all that Aloe Vera has to offer – to your skin and entire body.


Aloe Vera Gel – How It Benefits Your Skin

The healing, nourishing and protective qualities of Aloe Vera Gel can help you to maintain beautiful, soft and vibrantly healthy skin. In particular, Aloe Vera Gel has been shown to:

* Soothe rashes and skin irritations
* Heal sunburn
* Support recovery from surgical wounds
* Treat psoriasis & dermatitis
* Moisturize the hair and scalp
* Resolve cold sores
* Treat frostbite
* Reduce itching and inflammation
* Act effectively as antifungal and antimicrobial agent

One of the easiest and most effective ways to apply Aloe Vera to your skin is via a lotion whose primary ingredient is Aloe Vera gel. For an example of a natural lotion of this sort, check out Ecco Bella Vanilla or John Masters Bodycare Blood Orange & Vanilla Body Milk. Both of these are excellent!


Aloe Vera Gel – How It Benefits The Rest Of Your Body

When you apply an Aloe Vera lotion to your skin, a certain amount of it is incorporated – via the cells of the skin – into your body as a whole. But it’s also possible to drink food grade Aloe Vera – and reap additional whole-body benefits. When taken internally, Aloe Vera has been shown to have benefits for virtually all of the body’s organs and systems. According to Dr. Axe:

“Aloe vera contains many vitamins and minerals vital for proper growth and function of all the body’s systems.”

The benefits of consuming Aloe Vera internally include:

* Boost immune system
* A remedy for osteoarthritis
* Help to heal bowel diseases
* Supports digestion (via anti-inflammatory and laxative qualities)
* A remedy for asthma
* Soothe stomach ulcers
* Natural remedy for colic
* Treats diabetes
* Soothes side effects of radiation treatment
* A natural treatment for depression
* Resolves constipation
* Reduces asthma symptoms


Aloe Vera: Your Skincare Superhero

Given all the ways that Aloe Vera can support the health and beauty of your skin — as well as the rest of your body — is it any wonder that many refer to it as their skin care Superhero?