Skincare That You Deserve

By Project Wellness Now


There are many ways you can go as far as getting your skin care products. You can run to the corner drug store and quickly pick your daily moisturizer. They have a big selection of creams and lotions. When you look at the ingredients, however, it turns out that majority of them contain substances that are very
harmful. They contain parabens which are suspected of interfering with hormone function. DEA, cocamide DEA and lauramide DEA are also commonly used in skincare products. In laboratory experiments, exposure to high doses of these chemicals has been shown to cause liver cancers and precancerous changes in skin and thyroid. Anything that you put on your skin easily penetrates it and
enters your blood stream within minutes. Unfortunately, even expansive department store brands are full of harmful ingredients, too. So what can you do?

You can always make your own products. All you need is organic oils, beeswax, essential oils, and a good blender. You can easily find DIY recipes on line. The process takes some time and can be quite messy though. Removing beeswax from a grater is almost impossible! Is there a better solution?

Yes, there is. Living Libations created products that that are made with 100% certified organic ingredients and contain no harmful preservatives whatsoever. Nadine Artemis formulated with a palette of ingredients that nourish and replenish your skin. The result is a radiant and naturally glowing complexion.  FIND OUT MORE ABOUT LIVING LIBATIONS HERE

Best Skin Ever Rose, Best Skin Ever Seabuckthorn and Zippity DewDab


“The flowers are without hands, so they use Nadine’s… infinite recipes flow from
her arms.” ~ Lenni Jabour

“A true sense-visionary! Nadine has the greatest collection of rare and special
oils… she has a wondrous knowledge and passion for it all.” ~Alanis Morissette

“Nadine taps into the divine decanter that pours through every moment.” ~ Kristin

“Glorious bubbles rise out of the endless streaming muse of this Poetic Aromatic
Nymph”. ~John Steele