Listen To And Act On Your Own Intuition

By Project Wellness Now

Our intuition is available to each and every one of us all of the time, whether you are aware of it or not, when you listen to and act on your own intuition you are validating that it has potential to give us useful information. Many believe we have to be a spiritual person to understand what our intuition is guiding us to do, this is not truth, regardless of your beliefs, culture, religion or outlook in life, we all use our intuition every second of the day. You know the answers and are capable of organizing your intuition to guide you in an efficient and loving way.


We all get thoughts, feelings, and hunches, to go somewhere or do something or just clarify an idea we may have had, but do we actually take the time to actually listen to the guidance it is sending us. Intuition cannot be forced, it is a passive and unconscious experience, so to gain the most clarity and tune in on a deeper level to our feelings, or go with our gut instinct, our first step is to overcome the non-rational part of our brain, and learn to trust.




The first steps to start listening and trusting in our own intuition, is to learn to trust your inner self, listen to your intuition, and trust it at all times, say to yourself “I am safe”, you will never have the opportunity to live this day again, so trust in the process of life and trust in your higher self. When you enter into a state of trust, openness, and evaluate your surroundings. All those that you interact with in your life, help you to distinguish if there is somebody in your past or present that may have invalidated your intuition and left you feeling that somehow you have made a mistake, focus on releasing the past and old hurts to open your intuitive guide. Release the need to blame anybody for what has happened in your life, instead don’t have specific expectations that way you will not be disappointed.


When you let go, your present moment becomes free and clear to enjoy your own power in the now. Ask yourself what beliefs you are holding onto and what power does this hold within you? What grounds have you based your distrust or trust in your intuitive process? Your thoughts will change your world in a positive way when you are willing to change and grow. Sometimes we receive a metaphor or a very strong clear insight and deep sensation when something is not right, which is your intuition guiding you and popping up and saying “Please listen to me” Even if you look back over your life and say “I wished I had listened to my feelings and intuition”, or “I just knew that this was the right choice but I had no way of explaining this to another.” Always remember you are the only person who thinks in your mind, it is free to choose what you think, believe, so listen to your intuition and move out of limitations and be whoever you wish to be.


To distinguish your thoughts you may want to use imaginary symbols; let’s say you keep being guided to go to the ocean, and yet you are feeling very emotional at that time, the ocean is the symbol of duality, flowing freely and releasing emotions that are stuck. Many people use their inner guide, spiritual guide, animal spirit or totem, wise sage, angel or anything else that only the individual can determine who and what is the symbol of their intuition. Open your third eye and visualize what is coming up and open all of your five senses to determine if this is true guidance and worth listening to. You can ask your guide to direct you, offer you a solution, adapt to the situation and become flexible in your mind. Listen with ease, relax to the sound of music and trust that you have all the answers inside your heart.


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