Expanding Your Spiritual Connection With Your Third Eye

By Project Wellness Now

Our intuition is available to us all of the time, whether we are aware of it or not. When we validate the potential our connection to our higher self-gives, then one can determine whether we listen to it or not. How do we believe that it is there and viable? By understanding our intuition is passive and cannot be forced, it is an unconscious experience that develops when we open the third eye also known as brow chakra; It is the doorway to our innermost conscious thoughts and feelings.


the third eyeWhen we tune in deeply and listen to our feelings, gut instincts, or our higher self, the thinking process becomes a clear and defined state of awareness. Each individual will evaluate his or her interpretation of the concept or motion of the “Higher Self”; in truth, it is you, the conscious, intelligent, human being that you are. In order to feel that you are experiencing your guidance from within, you must trust yourself, your surroundings, and enter into a state of openness and trust in your own intuition.


Life becomes clearer when we can see where we have been, where we are now and use our intuition to guide us on where we want to go. The brow chakra relates to our sight, it gives us guidance not only in the vision and experiences we engage in but on a deeper level with the connection to our sense of sight – which relates to our third chakra. With vision our actions become creative acts of will, determination, exploration, transcendence, clairvoyance, expanding our ability to transform the conscious thoughts we have and attracting a higher vibrational frequency of light.


Light gives us the blessing and the ability to see, the third eye is the element of light, a faster and higher vibration than that of sound. Only the inner sight can tell us what it is we perceive our physical eyes are the organs of the outer perception. The mystical Third eye – is the organ of inner perception, it is like a movie with an internal screen where fantasy, memory, archetypes and intuition weave together with imagination. As if by magic when we watch the contents on our internal screen, we add meaning to it and instruct our high self to bring it to consciousness. The sixth chakra’s role is to see the way and bring forward the light of consciousness to all that exists around us and all that resides within us.



As William Shakespeare once wrote, “The eyes are the gateways to the soul”, by understanding our patterns and recognizing the identity of things, what an object is used for? What the object actually is? And how do we relate to it? Patterns reveal the identity of years of seeing from birth right through to our present moment, hence why we refer to the eyes being the gateway to the soul; our inner pattern of recognition is our soul’s purpose to survive in this world.


Many times we will look at something or somebody until we recognize the association and pattern we have set within our subconscious mind. Your third eye will continue to evaluate and identify the pieces until it is complete. If we have an open third eye, our perception and vision allows us to perceive meanings, patterns, and allows us to continue to look. All of our chakras bring us information; the sixth chakra assembles the information we see and complies them into meaningful patterns. By expanding your spiritual connection with the third eye, your self-reflections leads to wholeness and self-knowledge allowing your third eye to recognize the pattern and see simultaneously into the past, present, and future.