5 Essential Oils For Fitness & Fat Loss

By Esse Johnson

Do you know the #1 key to a successful fat trimming program?

When you want to succeed at just about anything in life, the #1 most valuable key is…well……all the keys.

One day, I was out in Austin, TX with a gang of friends and, for some reason, one of the guys became bent on getting a rise out of me. Maybe he thought my “cool” was fake and wanted to “break” me. Whatever the case, he was failing and finally lost it. The guy picked up a rock, threw it to the ground and got in my face. What did he say? Honestly, I don’t remember entirely, but I do remember this one part. He called me opportunistic—as if that is a bad thing? He didn’t get a rise but he did get a half-smile. I thought about it. A moment later, I concurred, thanked him for helping me name one of my favorite characteristics, and kept walking. Later, he apologized for screaming in my face and we became friends.

Why am I telling you this in a fitness article?

There is no one key which is the key to effective fat loss. Exercise alone won’t cut it, nor
will diet by itself. Trimming the fat is about losing the taste for fattening habits, and acquiring the taste for everything that primes and polishes the complicated earth machine that carries you through life.

No matter what your goal, if you want to succeed, you need to be opportunistic. Don’t look for one magic key. Be smart. Use all the keys. Create a perfect storm until it becomes harder to fail than to achieve your goal.

These 5 essential oils not only support immunity, healthy organs, and overall wellness from the cellular level but can also fire up your fat burning and weight loss program for real, lasting transformation. It’s not magic. It’s just the perfect storm.


5 Fat Burning, Waist Slimming Essential Oils

First, a note: All of these oils in their true form work, but you have to get the real thing. Make sure the oils you buy are absolutely pure and therapeutic grade. Don’t just believe everything you read on a label. Words like “all natural,” “100% pure,” and even “therapeutic grade” are unregulated marketing terms. Check out your brand. Find out who they are. They should be transparent about how they produce their oils and guarantee purity and potency (i.e. therapeutic value). If you go cheap, you get cheap and ultimately waste time and money.



grapefruit essential oils1.  Grapefruit

·  Natural fat-burner

·  Natural diuretic

·  Reduces cellulite

·  Increases metabolism

·  Reduces “ghrelin,” the hunger hormone

·  Anti-depressant



lemon essential oil2.   Lemon

·  Natural fat-burner

·  Natural diuretic

·  Gently cleanses and detoxifies

·  Improves digestion

·  Increases energy and uplifts mood

·  Anti-depressant


ginger essenital oil3.   Ginger


·  Reduces sugar cravings

·  Powerfully supports digestion (remember: you are what you   digest!

·  Lowers inflammation throughout the body—vital
for overall health plus burning fat and gaining lean sexy muscle

·  Improves absorption of nutrients

·  Natural pain reliever

·  Shown to reduce arthritis (so you can go work out!)



peppermint essential oil4.   Peppermint

·  Kills sugar cravings

·  Suppresses appetite

·  Increases satiety

·  Increases energy and mental alertness

·  Improves digestion

·  Natural pain reliever



cinnamon essential oil5.   Cinnamon

·  Slows release of glucose in the blood = slows fat storage

·  Balances blood sugar

·  Improves insulin sensitivity = better energy, less fat storage

·  Helps to avoid sugar and carb “crash”

·  Reduces sugar cravings

·  Reduces inflammation



BONUS TIP: Take with carbs and sugar to reduce fat storage.



As long as they’re pure and therapeutic grade, all of these essential oils are safe for internal, topical and aromatic use.

Take internally by adding several drops of one or each of the oils to water, hot tea, or any beverage. You can drink throughout the day or add them to an empty gel capsule.

Apply topically by diluting several drops in your favorite carrier oil. To firm and tone skin, use grapefruit oil. To relieve pain and lower inflammation, apply peppermint and/or ginger directly as needed.

Diffuse or inhale the aroma of the oils to quickly stimulate your brain and nervous system for
mood enhancing and fat burning.