13.1 Mantras To Get You Through Your Next Half Marathon

By Braden Tobler


There has been a study on mantras and it turns out there could be a lot more to them than just the spiritual. Research published in Brain and Behavior has found that repetitive speech can have a calming effect on the mind. In essence, it literally has a noted effect on the brain and the way that electrical waves move through it.




All of this lines up well with what we know about meditation, which many people incorporate mantras into. So is it any wonder so many runners are beginning to use mantras when they are making their way through races?

Next time you pushing past the wall during a half marathon, or even just training for one, try one of these 13.1 mantras to get you over the hump.


1. “Just Keep Swimming” – It might sound silly, but this little goodie from the Pixar movie Finding Nemo could be just what you need to get through a hard part in your race.

2.“I can do this.” – Sometimes the only thing you need is a little reassurance and who better to give it to you than yourself?

3.“Just another mile.” – Is it true? Probably not. But you can trick your brain into thinking you are almost done until, finally, you actually are,

4.“I stop when I finish.” – Need some tough love? Tell your body you aren’t giving up until you cross that finish line, period.

5.“I like the burn.” Your thighs, legs, feet, arms and back all feel like they are on fire. Every runner knows the agony. Convince yourself that you love it.

6.“Look how far I’ve come.” – You are further than you were a mile ago, or two miles ago. Hell, you are further today than yesterday just by running the race. Own it!

7.“Run. Run. Run.” – Nothing simpler than this little mantra, which will allow your brain to slow down even as you speed up.

8.“You’re OK.” – You may not feel like it but you are doing just fine, Just keep reminding yourself.

9.“Nothing can stop me.” – There isn’t a force in the world that can slow your pace. Push past it all and fight those barriers.

10.“Prove them wrong.” – We all have someone who didn’t believe in us. Well, this is a chance to show then how wrong they were.

11.“1, 2, 3, 4, 5…” – When you just need to focus your mind on something else, count to ten and start over. Think of it as counting sheep for your run.

12.“I am strong.” – You are as tough as nails, immovable as a mountain, as strong as a hurricane. Don’t forget it.

13.“Almost done.” – This is for the last stretch. You are almost there…

And .1 – Just breath. No, don’t think the word, do the action. Sometimes the best mantra is the steady sound of our own breath.


Braden Tobler is an avid outdoorsman and passionate marketing specialist active in the fitness industry. On weekends he spends his time pushing his fitness to new limits by rock climbing, canyoneering and mountain biking. During the week he writes on behalf of www.treadmillreviews.com and others in the industry. Learn more about the top of the line fitness equipment with in depth video reviews